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Auto InsuranceAutomobile

Most of us use our cars every day to commute to work or school, pick up kids, get groceries, or take a family trip. Personalized coverage can keep you covered no matter what type of vehicle you drive, or how experienced a driver you are. Our team will work to make sure you have the coverage you need, as well as any discounts you might be eligible for.



Auto InsuranceRecreational Vehicles

These vehicles would be your ATV's, snowmobiles, motorcycles and motor homes. Residents of Nova Scotia operating recreational vehicles on land they do not own or occupy must carry a motor vehicle liability policy. Coverage required includes third-party liability, accidental benefits, uninsured motorist and family protection endorsement. This coverage can be provided with your auto carrier or on its own using a facility market.



Auto InsurancePersonal Property

Whether you are building a house, renting an apartment, or going to the cottage for the weekend, we want to help keep your your home and property protected. Our team can find a policy that suits your needs, without taking any risks.

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