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Commercial Insurance

In a world of complex insurance, choosing the right partner is your key to success.

Even businesses in similar industries can have diverse insurance requirements and different acceptable levels of risk. It can be frustrating trying to understand what is required by law, lenders, or contractual obligations, what is needed to minimize risk of loss so that your business can continue, and how much it should all cost.

That's where our team of experienced professionals come in.

Our approach is to understand your business to make sure the insurance portfolio we recommend matches your unique needs. We balance appropriate levels of insurance and associated risk to help meet your business growth objectives. 

We don't offer online quotes because we don't believe any business is that simple, and our value is in helping you understand your risk, improve your operations, and increase your profitability.


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Our Commercial Team

Christina Salvatore
Christina Salvatore CAIB, CIP
Direct Line: 
(902) 865-4297 ext. 107

Christina works with her customers to reduce and manage their risk, improve their operations, and increase their profitability. She is second family generation of Salvatore Insurance Brokers and has grown up in the insurance industry with involvement in the trucking industry in Atlantic Canada.

Stephen D. Zwicker
Stephen D. Zwicker CAIB
Commercial Lines Manager
Direct Line: 
(902) 865-4297 ext. 106

With over 15 years experience, Stephen works closely with new and existing clients to understand their business needs while assisting to improve their operations and increase their profitability.

Looking for a specialized type of insurance?

We have access to extensive insurance programs and can help make sure you are protected. Please contact us for specifics.

We fully understand and can help craft specific insurance programs and policies for almost any business.

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